Our goal is to create lasting results for our clients

Through our collaborative approach and tailored solutions, we address the complexity and uniqueness of each project, resulting in strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Operating out of Oslo, we work with leading companies from various industries across the Nordics and Northern Europe.

Since 2002, we have created lasting value for our clients and made successful co-investments along the way. Our target is always to create lasting results for our clients and empower them to follow through post our engagement.

Hands-on senior advisors

We do not believe in the classical advisory model with a “standard team” of consultants primarily consisting of junior resources. On the contrary, we believe in a model where senior advisors are hands-on and deeply involved in the projects.

Client enablement

We apply leaner teams that focus on internal enablement in order to create lasting results for our clients. Releasing the power that lives within every organization will not only give the best advice, but is also crucial during the implementation process.

Tailored approach

No standard team or approach. We tailor team size and composition, as well as the process, to the challenge at hand.

Flexible fee structure

In addition to our consulting practice, we also co-invest with our clients on a case-by-case basis. Occasionally we also apply alternative fee structures, such as consulting for equity or "no cure, no pay".


We are deeply committed to our clients and only work with one client within each business segment. This means that each project is solved in a unique way tailored to each client without crossover from competitors.